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Mentoring Project Now Open

Project Background

During the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Convention in June 2021, the Section on Women and Psychology (SWAP) hosted a virtual social event on fostering leadership, diversity, and inclusion within CPA and SWAP. In response to the themes discussed in the online event (such as the need for increased community, professional development, and increased skills and confidence) the SWAP Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee was formed in January 2022. The Committee is comprised of SWAP members at different stages of their career and is Chaired by Dr. Paula Barata, a Professor in Applied Social Psychology at the University of Guelph.


Mentoring ‘Pods'

For our inaugural project we have launched a mentoring program for SWAP members. Our program uses mentorship ‘pods’, which are small groups of 3-6 people who will provide mentorship to each other surrounding particular themes or interests, without reinforcing hierarchy or power dynamics. The purpose of this pod mentorship program is to promote leadership, diversity, and inclusion within SWAP as well as provide members across Canada and beyond with meaningful mentorship connections. 


Want to Sign Up?

If you would like to participate in our mentoring project, or connect with other SWAP members on this website, please complete our sign up form and we will process your application as soon as possible. We encourage all SWAP members to join so that you will be able to access our online forum. You can join the mentorship pods if you like, or just use the website to connect with other SWAP members. 


If you are not a SWAP member but would like to participate, you can find out how to become a SWAP member here


If you have any questions, please use the contact option on the menu above or email and we will be happy to help you.


Current ‘pods’: Women of Colour in Psychology, Starting a Feminist PhD, Féministes et francophones, 2SLGBTQAI+, Writing Practice, Early Career, Neurodivergent, and Getting Published. 


The SWAP Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

Bidushy Sadika, Dayanga Randeniya, Maddy Doucette, Jem Tosh, Sandrine Poulin, and Paula Barata.

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